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Poll Shows Paltry Support for Senate Healthcare Reform

Only 12 percent of Americans support the current Senate healthcare legislation that would make health insurance more expensive, and in many cases, out of reach for millions of Americans. According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll , only 26 percent... Continue Reading →


The White House and the Department of Justice: conclusion – Money Laundering

Hopefully you noticed that the scale of this problem is in the billions of dollars each year. Many, many lawyers, bankers, and real estate moguls are involved in this. Even when they are paid only small percentages in these transactions, their profit is in the hundreds of millions. Why was Jared Kushner talking to Russians during the campaign?

Oh, But He’s Made America Great Again

The US shot down a Syrian jet, Russia has threatened to retaliate if we enter a certain Syrian airspace and cut cooperative defensive communications. How has the US President responded to this threat? He hasn't said a word to the... Continue Reading →

The White House and the Department of Justice: Part 2 – Obstruction of Justice

There is a fitting irony that Trump's tweets are both part of the offense with which he is charged and what is destroying his own legal defense. All Americans should look at this behavior and ask themselves: "If he can't control himself under these circumstances, and isn't smart enough to ask for help, then how can he possibly be an effective leader?"

Indoctrinating Not Educating

When the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, sign HB-7069 yesterday he cemented his legacy as the father of corporate education in Florida. The legislation is a sweeping education reform that sets aside $419 million dollars for charter schools, scales back... Continue Reading →

The Summer of Discontent is Upon Us

Opinion by James R Owens The cauldron is boiling over with hate. The fire, lit long ago, has been burning hotter as the flames have been stoked with political rhetoric over the past two decades. Hate and intolerance are not... Continue Reading →

The White House and the Department of Justice: Part 1 – Michael Flynn and James Comey

In a court of law, prosecutors try to establish motive and opportunity, as well as discuss evidence. .... Mueller will determine the outcome, and has the mandate and latitude to go where the evidence points.

Can it only be four months?

The United States since Jan 20, 2017: This list of shame goes on and on, and I haven't mentioned Russia-gate yet.

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