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A Response to the Religious Right, the American Taliban

Our government was built to allow people of all faiths and inclinations to live together. It was specifically to avoid the persecution from other Christian faiths. The United States can, of course, through the political process change any facet of our government. But it should be clearly understood that the attempts to put religion above our civil government are contrary to the basis of our Constitution and the spirit of our country.


Do the investigations matter – part 2: Pardons and discrediting the DOJ.

Now it is clear that we also have to worry about the presidential pardon as a way out. He wants to know if he can pardon all the people of interest in the Russia-gate affair. He wants to pardon Flynn, Manafort, everyone in his family, and more amazingly, himself.

Russian election interference and Republican reactions

If you track administration or republican rhetoric on Russia gate, it goes like this: No one in the campaign ever talked with a Russian. Oops, at least one campaign staff member actually worked for the Russians, but he left quickly, and he was a minor player anyway. Campaign manager  is a minor role. Nothing there.

More on Wealth-care, GOP tax cuts and trickle-down economics – Robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

This whole tax cuts for the rich thing is transparently wrong as a means to stimulate the economy. If it were about tax cuts to business, that would at least be an argument worth having. But tax cuts to rich individuals? That's ridiculous.

The AHCA bait and switch. Why the ACA was better, and how it is different.

The AHCA eliminates government expense by leaving people on their own, hoping things will work out, and giving money back to billionaires. Let's be clear: the only thing republican leadership cares about is paying back their backers.

Poll Shows Paltry Support for Senate Healthcare Reform

Only 12 percent of Americans support the current Senate healthcare legislation that would make health insurance more expensive, and in many cases, out of reach for millions of Americans. According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll , only 26 percent... Continue Reading →

The White House and the Department of Justice: conclusion – Money Laundering

Hopefully you noticed that the scale of this problem is in the billions of dollars each year. Many, many lawyers, bankers, and real estate moguls are involved in this. Even when they are paid only small percentages in these transactions, their profit is in the hundreds of millions. Why was Jared Kushner talking to Russians during the campaign?

Oh, But He’s Made America Great Again

The US shot down a Syrian jet, Russia has threatened to retaliate if we enter a certain Syrian airspace and cut cooperative defensive communications. How has the US President responded to this threat? He hasn't said a word to the... Continue Reading →

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