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The 2017 Trump Tax Plan and you

It is true that both republican and democratic governments have over spent, and are addicted to spending. Pork, graft, and corruption are huge problems. Cuts are going to be made. But having to cut deeper because billionaires cry themselves to sleep over the small amount they can't keep is not right. It is not prudent. It is corrupt.


White House to Meet With All Members of the Senate Over Korea

The entire US Senate has been invited to the White House on Wednesday at 3 pm E.D.T. to hear a briefing on North Korea. Such briefings at the White House are not unusual, but inviting all 100 Senators is unusual.... Continue Reading →

Unpredictability is a Bad Thing for a President

Donald Trump's signature qualities are either irrelevant or are counterproductive to effective negotiations, legislation, foreign policy, and military strategy.

Make our soil great again

By David R. Montgomery Most of us don’t think much about soil, let alone its health. But as Earth Day approaches, it’s time to recommend some skin care for Mother Nature. Restoring soil fertility is one of humanity’s best options... Continue Reading →

Sick of Hearing About The First 100 Days Yet?

You’d read it or heard about it in the news every single day since the inauguration, the first 100 days. You hardly notice it at first, when you’re on day 10, but by the time you get to day 75,... Continue Reading →

Some reasons why republicans won’t listen.

I doubt that I will make friends with my fellow progressives by this article, but I need to correct some of our discourse. It is hard to hear that you are contributing to a problem when you are angry, and democrats are still very angry. But the nature of our Trump and republican bashing provides republicans with justifiable reasons to tune out our efforts.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Playing With Fire

By James R. Owens Some of us can't imagine living in a war-torn country. We see photos and videos of Syria, Somalia and many others places where cities are torn apart, people are dead in the streets, homeless and hungry,... Continue Reading →

How to Predict and Explain the President’s Actions:

So, you can expect more of what you've already seen. If it can make him look good, at the stroke of a pen, he'll do it.

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