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I'm passionately for truth and fairness. I dream of an America that cares enough about helping people that it eliminates waste and corruption, pork barrel spending and win-at-all-costs political wrangling. I am passionately against double standards, greed, hypocrisy, propaganda, and exclusion. It is my goal to point this out where I find it. I write for

The White House and the Department of Justice: Part 2 – Obstruction of Justice

There is a fitting irony that Trump's tweets are both part of the offense with which he is charged and what is destroying his own legal defense. All Americans should look at this behavior and ask themselves: "If he can't control himself under these circumstances, and isn't smart enough to ask for help, then how can he possibly be an effective leader?"


The White House and the Department of Justice: Part 1 – Michael Flynn and James Comey

In a court of law, prosecutors try to establish motive and opportunity, as well as discuss evidence. .... Mueller will determine the outcome, and has the mandate and latitude to go where the evidence points.

Can it only be four months?

The United States since Jan 20, 2017: This list of shame goes on and on, and I haven't mentioned Russia-gate yet.

Do the Trump related investigations matter?

So far, Trump's path has crossed that of three justice officials whose positions did not survive the encounter. Namely: Preet Bharara, Sally Yates, and James Comey.

Democracy or Dictatorship?

The steps in the "How to become a successful dictator" primer include: .... So, what are republicans doing with their power?

The 2017 Trump Tax Plan and you

It is true that both republican and democratic governments have over spent, and are addicted to spending. Pork, graft, and corruption are huge problems. Cuts are going to be made. But having to cut deeper because billionaires cry themselves to sleep over the small amount they can't keep is not right. It is not prudent. It is corrupt.

Unpredictability is a Bad Thing for a President

Donald Trump's signature qualities are either irrelevant or are counterproductive to effective negotiations, legislation, foreign policy, and military strategy.

Some reasons why republicans won’t listen.

I doubt that I will make friends with my fellow progressives by this article, but I need to correct some of our discourse. It is hard to hear that you are contributing to a problem when you are angry, and democrats are still very angry. But the nature of our Trump and republican bashing provides republicans with justifiable reasons to tune out our efforts.

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