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I'm passionately for truth and fairness. I dream of an America that cares enough about helping people that it eliminates waste and corruption, pork barrel spending and win-at-all-costs political wrangling. I am passionately against double standards, greed, hypocrisy, propaganda, and exclusion. It is my goal to point this out where I find it. I write for

Tax cuts did not work for Kansas – and they won’t work at the federal level either

Fixing our problems does not start with tax cuts. It starts with draining the swamp, not giving the swamp bigger predators.


Weaponized Information

Trumpism is more dangerous than Trump. He is the symptom, not the disease. If you haven’t investigated Pence, McConnel, or Ryan, you don’t know how deeply in trouble the U.S. is. Watching Roy Moore and Luther Strange in Alabama should show you how deep the trouble is.

The new Old America that the GOP wants

As civil liberties are cut, and the social safety net is gutted, Americans’ only hope is to try and continue to stall GOP actions until the 2018 elections.

Kneeling or standing, take your protests lying down

We can’t let ourselves be distracted from the real issues. Intolerantly screaming about the intolerant rhetoric of others is only providing them with ammunition with which to fire back. If Donald Trump said on national television that he was ashamed of my behavior, I’d feel I was doing something right. I don’t need or want his approval. 

Red State Realities

Why red states voted for Trump: Not enough job growth, wages have stayed stagnant, real buying power has gone down Washington is totally corrupt – drain the swamp The “elites” look down on us – change to “people like us” Why a vote for Trump and the Republican Party is useless to achieve these goals:

Fire and fury such as the world has never seen

Trump should suffer permanent loss of credibility for these actions. The only thing that is worse than the loss of US credibility for failure to act is the catastrophe that would result from acting.

A Response to the Religious Right, the American Taliban

Our government was built to allow people of all faiths and inclinations to live together. It was specifically to avoid the persecution from other Christian faiths. The United States can, of course, through the political process change any facet of our government. But it should be clearly understood that the attempts to put religion above our civil government are contrary to the basis of our Constitution and the spirit of our country.

Do the investigations matter – part 2: Pardons and discrediting the DOJ.

Now it is clear that we also have to worry about the presidential pardon as a way out. He wants to know if he can pardon all the people of interest in the Russia-gate affair. He wants to pardon Flynn, Manafort, everyone in his family, and more amazingly, himself.

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