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Leslie Tillmann

Leslie Tillmann is a practicing Architect and artist; a graduate of the University of Southern California; a wife, mom and step mom, and grandmother to 10! Volunteering at Friends of Robinson Gardens, in Beverly Hills and active member of her Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae group also fun activities. As an active Democratic Party supporter, Leslie makes sure that facts and ways to participate in our government are available to everyone.

Ladies Night at the Movies

By Leslie Tillman of Political Nation USA Watched the movie Hidden Figures last night, with a group of women, and it is amazing that this still goes on...the racial side and the woman side...sometimes seems to disheartening.  The movie is... Continue Reading →


Next Steps

  Opinion by Leslie Tillmann As an American Citizen I am of two minds today: At some area of my brain I am paranoid and worrying about my future free of nuclear holocaust or a fascist dictatorship.  But also am... Continue Reading →

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