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James Ray Owens

James is a retired journalist, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a former member of the Illinois Press Association.

Oh, But He’s Made America Great Again

The US shot down a Syrian jet, Russia has threatened to retaliate if we enter a certain Syrian airspace and cut cooperative defensive communications. How has the US President responded to this threat? He hasn't said a word to the... Continue Reading →


Indoctrinating Not Educating

When the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, sign HB-7069 yesterday he cemented his legacy as the father of corporate education in Florida. The legislation is a sweeping education reform that sets aside $419 million dollars for charter schools, scales back... Continue Reading →

The Summer of Discontent is Upon Us

Opinion by James R Owens The cauldron is boiling over with hate. The fire, lit long ago, has been burning hotter as the flames have been stoked with political rhetoric over the past two decades. Hate and intolerance are not... Continue Reading →

White House to Meet With All Members of the Senate Over Korea

The entire US Senate has been invited to the White House on Wednesday at 3 pm E.D.T. to hear a briefing on North Korea. Such briefings at the White House are not unusual, but inviting all 100 Senators is unusual.... Continue Reading →

Sick of Hearing About The First 100 Days Yet?

You’d read it or heard about it in the news every single day since the inauguration, the first 100 days. You hardly notice it at first, when you’re on day 10, but by the time you get to day 75,... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Playing With Fire

By James R. Owens Some of us can't imagine living in a war-torn country. We see photos and videos of Syria, Somalia and many others places where cities are torn apart, people are dead in the streets, homeless and hungry,... Continue Reading →

Twitter Sues Trump

Twitter is filing suit against the Trump Administration after he used the Department of Homeland Security to try to force the social media giant to name a user of an anonymous anti-Trump account. Using a “limited purpose investigative tool,” the... Continue Reading →

Trump Demotes Bannon

Steve Bannon has been removed from his permanent seat on the National Security Council and is downgraded to the role of a Homeland Security advisor. The decision comes from Trump himself. Bannon had been authorized to reorganize the National Security... Continue Reading →

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