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West Virginia, You Sold My Soul

West Virginia, You Sold My Soul By DWM Media Sitting here chatting on Facebook for the first time in a long time since the election, the feeling of my losing my soul arises more so lost now than ever before.... Continue Reading →


Make our soil great again

By David R. Montgomery Most of us don’t think much about soil, let alone its health. But as Earth Day approaches, it’s time to recommend some skin care for Mother Nature. Restoring soil fertility is one of humanity’s best options... Continue Reading →

Why These Missile Strikes Won’t Make Things Better for the Syrian People

By Stephen Zunes The U.S. bombing of Syria’s Al Shayrat air base has brought more death and destruction to that country and is unlikely to deter additional war crimes by the Syrian regime. It will not ease the suffering of the Syrian... Continue Reading →

Trump’s FCC continues to redefine the public interest as business interests

By Christopher Ali The U.S. Senate voted last week to allow internet service providers to sell data about their customers’ online activities to advertisers. The House of Representatives agreed on Tuesday; President Trump is expected to sign the measure into... Continue Reading →

5 Key Questions About The FBI’s Trump-Russia Investigation

Jefferson Morley On Wednesday Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif), said he had seen classified information indicating U.S. investigators had surveilled phone calls made from Trump Tower during the campaign. If you leave President Obama out of the allegation, what... Continue Reading →

Why prison building will continue booming in rural America

By John M Eason The election of Donald Trump signals an end to the recent optimism about reducing the mass imprisonment of two million U.S. citizens each year. Trump supports policies like the immigrant ban and increased stop-and-frisk that will... Continue Reading →

NY NY Land (La La Land Parody)

I think you will love this. Click link below: NY NY Land (La La Land Parody)

Why? I Don’t Understand

By Leslie Tillmann   I want to know why the Republicans /Conservatives are doing what they are doing and what their ultimate goal is for the United States. Short term goals of immediate compensation to their rich-guy backers are obvious.... Continue Reading →

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