Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been asked by the Trump Administration to look carefully into the idea of claiming untapped mineral resources in Afghanistan, not to help Afghanistan, but to help those who might invest in such a thing in the United States. The President mentioned this offhandedly in his speech the other night.

The economic development he spoke of in that country was not to help them but to help us – or more to the point – help mining companies and those involved in that kind of business (It’s the new oil one might say). Trump called it, “defraying the cost” of the war in Afghanistan, but it’s not believed he was referring to helping the taxpayers. His administration is willing to put the lives of our sons and daughters in danger for this reason.

We’ve been in Afghanistan for 16 years and if it means dishonest men will make a lot of money from gaining mineral rights, we will stay another 16 years, or as long as it’s profitable. The war in Afghanistan will now be expanded so Trump can make money for himself and his associates.

In the meantime, to defray the cost of building a wall, expanding the war and other things on the Trump Administration’s agenda, cuts are being made to social programs, the EPA, Consumer Protections and so on. Not to mention the fact that Republicans want tax cuts, not for the people who are losing ground, like the working men a women, but for those who are gaining ground and already have much more than they need.

George W. ran the same kind of scam on the American people in Iraq, while Halliburton and others made billions from oil profits and things associated with it. The difference between Bush and Trump are not that great, but at least Bush hid it better and was not as abrasive and uncontrollable as Mr. Trump.

Our nation will always be at war as long as there is money to be made from it. Trump conned the American people, (some of them anyway) and most likely rigged the election in his own favor through underhanded means. He didn’t want to be president to help America or the American people, but to help himself. A thief doesn’t steal to make others rich, unless they’re Robin Hood, and Mr. Trump is quite the opposite of that.