So now we have proof that the Trump campaign was soliciting help from Russia in the 2016 campaign. The parties that are proven to have known about it so far are: Trump Jr, Kushner, and Manafort. If you track administration or republican rhetoric on Russia gate, it goes like this:

No one in the campaign ever talked with a Russian.

Oops, at least one campaign staff member actually worked for the Russians, but he left quickly, and he was a minor player anyway. Campaign manager  is a minor role. Nothing there.

Oops, the campaign foreign policy advisor, and current National Security Director spoke with Russians, but it was normal. He never talked about sanctions. Nothing there. And don’t worry about the Attorney General leaving out critical information about meetings with Russia in his Congressional hearings and his security clearance applications. It is a mistake anyone could make. Nothing there.

Oops, it turns out the National Security Advisor was taped talking about sanctions…but we fired him after being exposed in the press, so nothing there. The real problem is all the leaks. That’s the scandal here. No, these leaks are nothing like the leaks of Hillary’s emails. Those were good leaks. These are bad leaks, done by bad people. #witchhunt

FBI Director Comey has to go since the new acting Attorney General wrote a recommendation to fire him because he is bad at his job and by the way, I hear everyone hates him.

No, I’m not firing Comey because I got a recommendation, I was going to do it anyway. We’ve got to fire this nut-job Comey. He’s ruining our agenda with this false Russia thing. It is a distraction, a witch hunt.

This new Mueller guy is great, now we’re on the right track. Everyone says this guy is the best.

Oops, this Mueller guy is awful, he’s a political hack. All of his staff are democrats. This is going to be a witch hunt.

There is absolutely no collusion going on. Nobody met any Russians. This is the worst witch hunt in history. Nothing there. #Sad

Oops, it seems that Don Jr, Jared, and Paul did meet the Russians, but it had nothing to do with anything. It was about adoption of Russian kids. Nothing there.

Oops, there are emails from Don Jr forwarded to Jared and Paul saying the meeting was to collect dirt from a Russian government lawyer about Hillary Clinton that are going to be published in the New York Times. Let’s publish redacted emails so that we can say we are being transparent.

No, we didn’t get anything out of the meetings. It was a dud. Nothing there. And if we did, where’s the harm? Everyone does opposition research. Nothing there. By the way, Hillary talked to the Russians also. That’s the scandal. #crookedhillary

Because the format for my articles calls for them to be around 2 pages, there isn’t space to show the full time line of events and discoveries that were in between the press releases. That would make even clearer the complete misdirection and lying practiced by republicans in Russiagate.

So how does the republican base not care about this excess of arrogant, completely transparent bunch of lies? Why don’t they tell their representatives to impeach Trump Sr? Well, the following is speculation, but I welcome anyone to prove it wrong. I think it shows that the republican base thinks everyone in government is so corrupt and so bad, that Trump is just being like all the other politicians. They had hopes for him, but it turns out he is a lot like other politicians. That’s no worse than anyone else, and at least he understands them. He says the things they like to hear.

There has been ┬áincredible investigative reporting by print outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and others. There have been powerful presentations on nightly news shows on CNN, MSNBC, PBS and others. Internet sources like the Daily Beast, Yahoo, Daily Kos and others are also powerful, and readily accessible. But this massive effort to illuminate the truth doesn’t even get to most republicans. They don’t want to hear or read anything that is contrary to their opinion. They think that all of this is made up nonsense by the fake news liberal media. They trust the media that tells them things they like. The media they trust says Russiagate is all fake, is all the product of those evil people who are the enemies of America. The main stream media is as corrupt and a tool of globalists as those liberals. When the rare bit of main stream media gets through their defenses, it only makes them angry. It never makes them think.

All the right cares about is:

  • getting rid of any Obama legacy
  • getting their “golden era” lives back on track
  • poking a finger in the eye of anyone liberal and/or globalist

The Republican Party has been the party of the abused, the dispossessed, the forgotten: the victims. They are angry, and they’ve had enough of people looking down on them and their misfortune. So they are fully willing to look aside at all of Russiagate. They want to see how republicans are going to fix health care, and how tax reform looks.

They’ve listened to their leaders say for eight years that good and cheap health care is easy. It starts with repealing Obamacare, and going to tax reform. Then they’ll have everything they dream of…all will be great…cheap insurance, jobs, and respect. Believing in fairy tales is more attractive than facing ugly realities like coal jobs won’t be coming back.

How are they going to react when they find out this doesn’t happen? What happens when they lose their health insurance, and jobs don’t come back? They will listen to right wing radio tell them that this is the Obama legacy, that it isn’t the fault of their leaders. They will move further to the right, and make ever more ridiculous claims about the source of their failures.

They will support their leaders who are making it harder and harder to overturn their tenure. New voter id laws and laws that discourage protests are being written all over the US. Republicans are rigging the system so that they can succeed with their minority of zealot followers. There is no concern for the majority. This is states’ rights taken to an extreme that allows the minority to set the national agenda.

Any hopes that the right will wake up are badly mistaken. The answer is that America must wake up, and get off the couch and vote. It is most astounding that in the special election of the Georgia 6th district, that 46% of the people didn’t vote. More money was spent there than in any district race in history. That election was in the middle of this context of massive ineptitude and corruption. And still, only 54% of the people cared enough to spend a small amount of time voting.

All the media that is trying to save our country must continue in their efforts, but only voting can change the system. Writing the system off as too corrupt to fix normalizes it, and makes it permanent. Remember! Vote in 2018! Find out if your neighbors are going to vote and facilitate it without telling them how to vote. Our country is at stake.

William Casperson


Political Nation