The US shot down a Syrian jet, Russia has threatened to retaliate if we enter a certain Syrian airspace and cut cooperative defensive communications. How has the US President responded to this threat? He hasn’t said a word to the American people. He has his back channels and Generals talking.

Any US President in the past, any, would have addressed the American people, but not this guy. He won’t make any derogatory remarks about the Russians, our enemy because he doesn’t view them that way. Why not? We have a long and uneasy history with Russia.

He cuts off Cuba and opens an opportunity for the Russians to sit at our back door, but he can’t see past his hate for the previous administration. Anything done over the last eight years must be undone, good or bad. He, and his worthless comrades in Congress, would rather see the country destroyed than to lift a finger to stop it, if it means admitting they might not know everything.

This man is unworthy of the office he so poorly serves. He has caused the divide in this country to grow with his hateful bluster, his appointments and foolhardy insults to our allies in Europe. Who would come to his aid, Germany, France, the UK? Before his administration there would be no question to their loyalty to the United States, but today we have to wonder if we are not wandering the wildness alone. Even our neighbors to the south and north have been insulted by this foolish narcissist.

You can bet, the generals, realizing their mistake, have taken a conciliatory tone with Russia. Oh, and hasn’t he made us great again?