When the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, sign HB-7069 yesterday he cemented his legacy as the father of corporate education in Florida. The legislation is a sweeping education reform that sets aside $419 million dollars for charter schools, scales back standardized testing, requires mandatory recess for elementary students and gives charter schools access to property taxes. Those are a few things the bill does, some good, some horrific.

Privatizing is high on the conservative agenda, most likely because they have a financial stake in doing so. Aside from the money that would be made off tax payers and their children, there is something far more sinister in the making. What privatizing schools and edging out public schools will do is create generations of corporate puppets out of our children.

Since nothing will be standardized, schools will be able to teach what they want, leave out what they want and the children will not know the difference. After a couple of generations of teaching children “their way,” our society will be worse off than it is today. History could be taught differently, science, medicine, and anything that counters the corporate master’s welfare will be changed or tossed aside. Schools will no longer educate, but indoctrinate.

In the future, no one will believe in climate change. Every child will see religions other than Christianity as nothing more than cults that need to be stamped out. It will turn back the clock on civil rights, civil liberties and women’s rights. Anything that upsets the balance of the corporate agenda will be wiped out.

So, as our Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss, Governor Rick Scott and others begin to scale back public education in favor of charter schools and private schools, they are creating a wave that will change the future of our country, and the world as we know it. Scott, by the way, plans to run for the US Senate next year; he will fit right in, and  he will receive plenty of financial backing from his party. The children will suffer, but they won’t know any better, so it won’t matter to them.

Consider home schooling your children, before that choice is taken away too.