By James R. Owens

Some of us can’t imagine living in a war-torn country. We see photos and videos of Syria, Somalia and many others places where cities are torn apart, people are dead in the streets, homeless and hungry, but they are just pictures to most Americans; we really don’t know what it’s like to live in that kind of environment.

Most Americans do not appreciate how fortunate they are to live in a country where peace of mind is the norm, rather than fear. Our foreign policy should foster peaceful solutions instead of threats, and when they do not, the results are often catastrophic. We’ve suffered terrorist attacks in America, but no foreign planes have dropped bombs are our cities, no missiles have landed in our neighborhoods, we are not hungry and most are not homeless. We do not live in constant fear of our lives being snuffed out at any moment.

To date, we are the only country in the world to use a nuclear weapon on another country, but there are many countries who have the capability. Sending a carrier group toward the Korean peninsula is more than a show of force, it’s a threat. and that is exactly how we would see it, if the shoe were on the other foot.

Our recent foreign policy is reckless and dangerous and proves nothing the world doesn’t already know – we have a powerful military. Nevertheless we are playing with fire and acting like a schoolyard bully. Bullies only bloody so many noses before they get their own bloodied by someone who once feared them.

We are a great and powerful nation with nothing to prove, yet, our leaders fail to see that. North Korea is a danger to the world, but I’m not convinced we have used every option at our disposal to find a peaceful accommodation and we should not stop trying. We are a big player on the world’s stage and what is said by our leaders is taken to heart, what is done, even more so.

It’s foolhardy to think we are invincible; only God can claim that with confidence. I fear we are headed for a war that in turn will lead us into a greater war and America will suffer. The storm clouds are rising and the fallout could destroy us all.