Twitter is filing suit against the Trump Administration after he used the Department of Homeland Security to try to force the social media giant to name a user of an anonymous anti-Trump account.

Using a “limited purpose investigative tool,” the US Customs and Border Protection agency is seeking to force Twitter into revealing the user of the account “@ALT_uscis.”

The account, like other “alt” or “rogue” accounts, expresses criticism of the Trump Administration.

On March 14, Twitter received a summons from the Customs agency requesting the release of records to reveal the identity of the account’s administrator, along with IP logs and any associated phone numbers or mailing addresses.

Twitter informed the account holder of the summons and told the agency of its intent to fight the order in court.

The statute the agency is using usually relates to taxes on the importation of merchandise. Twitter’s argument claims the agency does not have the authority to seek the account holder’s information.

Unmasking the account would infringe upon a Constitutional right to free political speech.

The accounts involved are allegedly ran by rogue government employees, but it is unclear whether or not the accounts are authentic.