The President has the right to nominate Supreme Court Justices, this is a right that was withheld from President Obama after he nominated Merrick Garland, The Senate refused to bring his nomination to a vote, for no other reason than he was Obama’s choice.

Today, nearly the same senators who refused to vote for Obama’s nominee are ready to vote to confirm Trump’s nominee because this nominee has been chosen by someone in their own party.

Neither Obama, or his nominee, were under scrutiny or being investigated, as Trump is now, so it is apparent the nominating process for the Supreme Court of the United States is a solely a partisan issue.

Trump’s pick should not be voted on until some things are cleared up. We need to know the man who is choosing our next justice is not guilty of crimes against the United States, and that he is in fact, a legitimate president.



Before giving Trump the opportunity that the senate denied President Obama, they should show an interest in the facts. Did Trump or his Administration collaborate with the Russian government to rig the election? If so, are there financial conflicts of interests that will give a foreign government power over a US president? Finally, has Trump violated the US Constitution by profiting from his office?

If Trump would show his recent tax returns, some of this confusion could be cleared up. His refusal to hand over this information, which other presidents, members of Congress and candidates have done for decades, make Trump look guilty.

This alone should give the Senate pause, but it seems they are willing to turn a blind eye to possible illegal acts by their president in order to advance their own agenda. These senators are not representing the people who elected them. These senators are not fulfilling their oath of office when they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

A vote for Neil Gorsuch should not be taken until we know the person who nominated him is free of any guilt for crimes against his own country.