When it comes to Republican healthcare reform the only people who matter are men, and this is been made clear.

If the House fails to pass the healthcare plan they hastily threw together to replace Obamacare, then Obamacare will be left in place, Trump has said. He’s moving on.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand, that while his support is important, it is not necessary. Presidents do not make law. He could, if he chooses, veto a law, but even his veto can be overturned by the legislature.

If we were talking about anyone other than Donald Trump we would call it a bluff, but having seen how this man insists on having his way, he may not be bluffing and Paul Ryan and his Republican cohorts may fail their first real test.

The ultraconservative Freedom Caucus wanted some things removed from the package and they got it. Essential benefits like maternity care and mental illness treatment would be removed, but it seems clear that even this is not enough for some of them, so it’s unknown how many, if any them, will vote for the bill.

On the other hand, we have the Centrist Republicans, who are concerned too much it being taken off the table and too many Americans will be left with no health care at all, so it’s likely some of them will not vote in favor of the bill.

The best thing that could happen today is the failure of Ryan’s bill. Think about the essential healthcare they would like removed from the Affordable Care Act, like Mammograms, maternity care, birth control and prenatal care. In fact, as Nancy Pelosi said, the bill makes being a woman look like a preexisting condition.

Stripping guaranteed maternity care is a pregnancy tax, pure and simple,” Pelosi said.

Some of the Republicans want to turn back the clock, back to a time when women couldn’t vote – I wouldn’t be surprised to see that one come up next – when women were second-class citizens, much like slaves.

According to some Republican ideas, women are little more than a vessel for men to use and toss aside afterward.

John Shimkus (R-Ill), said it wasn’t fair for men to have to purchase prenatal care, much like former Sen. Jon Kyl, who once argued “I don’t need maternity care,” so we don’t need it.

What they want the rest of us to believe that maternity care and male enhancement drugs like Viagra, are not part of the same package. They want us to see, as they do, that it’s all right to call some parts of the bill expensive and unnecessary, while overlooking the whole.

The list of the ignorant rants goes on and on against protecting women’s health, children and the elderly, but at the same time, these thoughtless, selfish and egotistical men see their own care as very important and essential. Do they not see how this looks? Probably, but they don’t care.

If I were a woman married to a Republican, I wouldn’t  have sex with them because it seems they do not want to be responsible for any feminine care whatsoever. To these Republicans, women have become little more than slaves and sex objects to be played with and thrown away like a broken toy.

I am outraged by the discriminatory and sexist tone they have struck, and I’m not a woman. Women should be foaming at the mouth and ready to tear into the flesh of any man who believes their contributions and their health are not as important as that of a man.

Donald Trump and his hunters and gatherers have overlooked one very important issue. It’s not a man’s world any longer. Women have teeth too, and they will bite back. Women also have a voice, and if you don’t hear it, you’re not listening.