The title sounds radically and emotionally charged, but given what the GOP and Trump are willing to take away from the poor and working class, it’s not far fetched at all, and in fact, it is mentioned.

The Secret Service is requesting an additional $60 million for the coming year, and nearly half of that increase would pay for the president’s family and their private home in New York’s Trump Tower. The remaining money, or about $33 million, would pay for Trump and Vice President Pence’s travel expenses.

The Secret Service’s request  for the fiscal 2018 year reflects the high cost of guarding the president’s family and their aspiring travel schedules, along with the fortification of three floors of their Manhattan penthouse where the First Lady Melania Trump and son Baron live.

In addition the Secret Service has spent much time and effort, not to mention a large price tag, protecting Trump at his Mar-a-Largo estate in Florida nearly every weekend.

“A Person familiar with the internal Secret Service budget discussions said the requests for additional funding, prepared in late February, were rejected by the Office of Management and Budget, an arm of the White House,” the Washington Post reports. By the White House rejecting the budget increase this past month, it means the agency must divert funds from other ordinary spending. The loss of these funds to the agency means less effort can be made investigating cases involving cyber-crimes, counterfeiting and missing and exploited minors.

The Secret Service declined to answer questions regarding the extra budget money, according to the Post. A member of Trump’s staff said the request was not denied by the OMB, and that they are supporting the extra expenditures.

The Washington DC- based Judicial Watch, claims protecting Trump and his family, and paying for their lavish lifestyle has already cost, as of March 4, $97 million, which is more than the cost of protecting former President Obama and Vice President Biden for eight years.