By James Ray Owens – an American

America is a honored nation with proud, industrious and hardworking people. I’m proud to be an American. I haven’t always been proud of our government, but proud of the people who live here.

Like any nation, we have our problems, our government makes bad choices sometimes and so do our people, but when the chips are down the people always come through because we are a great people, who together have created this great nation.

Whoever decided that America needed to be made great again, coined that phrase for selfish reasons. They had more, far more than enough, but they wanted more. So, they preyed on those who were discomforted, distraught or angry and got their support for a slogan that does not bare the weight of the truth.

We are as good as we want to be, as strong as we need to be and Americans look after their own people, as well as others when we can because that is part of the fabric our nation is made of.

Ok, so we have a narcissistic, mentally disabled person for a president, that does not change who we are. He will come and go – just like those before him – and this nation, and the people of this nation, will still be standing.

We’ll have some work ahead of us, to undo the wrong that has been done, but we’ve never backed away from a fight before and we are not going to start acting differently now.

In the meantime, we can do all we can to undermine every idiotic, selfish move he makes, and when the time comes we will vote to send him, and those of his kind, back home. We will take our nation back from these idiots, racist and bigots who think of themselves as Gods and put them in their place in history. They will become the hated, the experiment that went wrong and a lesson we won’t soon forget.




Other nations have fell under the weight of fascism, but we will not because we are a nation of strong-willed immigrants who came to these shores – whether it be last year or two hundred years ago – looking for a better way. We found that way, and we are not going to lose sight of it just because a circus clown told us we were not good enough, smart enough or tough enough to call ourselves great.