When Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly needed an expert to advise the network on Sweden’s immigration policies, in an apparent effort to shore up Trumps earlier statements insinuating there have been recent terrorist attack in Sweden, he found Nils Bildt and used him as an expert commentator.

Unfortunately, Swedish officials said they’ve either never heard of this individual or that he has never worked for their government in any capacity.

Nils Bildt was billed as a “Swedish defense and national security adviser” by Fox News. Bildt was used to point at asylum seekers in Sweden as the source of increased violence there.

“Just one problem,” as CNN points out, “No one in the Swedish Government has ever heard of Bildt.”

Catarina Axelsson, a press officer at the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Marinette Nyh Radebo, a spokesperson for the defense ministry and Johan Wiktorin, a CEO of a strategic intelligence company, all claimed they’ve never heard of him.

CNN states that a spokesperson for Bill O’Reilly said that O’Reilly would “address the issue on a show Monday night.”

The controversy over Sweden took center stage after an early February rally in Florida where Trump, attempting to shore up his own immigration policies, made it sound like Sweden had suffered an attack.

“They took in large numbers (of immigrants),” They’re have problems like they never thought possible,” Trump told rally goers in Florida. “Look what happened last night in Sweden,” he said.

Carl Bildt, a former Swedish Prime Ministers responded, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?”



“Swedish media outlets have reported that Bildt, who was born Nils Tolling, left Sweden in 1994 and emigrated to the US. He later changed his surname to Bildt,” CNN reported.