According to the National Governors Associated, obtained by, the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act will cause significant declines in the number of insured people in the US.

The analysis, conducted by the Avalere Health and the Consulting Firm Mckinney and Company, includes graphs in their report laying out the Republican plan to overhaul Obama’s tax credits. Analysis is based on a 19-page proposal the Republican leadership released about their plan to replace the ACA.

The tax credits, under the GOP plan would have the effect of switching from income-based tax credits , that give the poorest in society the most help, to an age-based system where everyone would get the same amount.

It’s estimated that under their plan 30 percent of those who currently have health care, would not enroll. In their analysis, out of a market of 300,000 that would mean 90,000 people would be uninsured.

States would also lose a significant amount of federal funding as fewer residents received financial support to help purchase individual coverage. The decline in federal funding through tax credits would be between 65 and 80 percent, according to this report