Sen. Marco Rubio let Florida voters know exactly what he thinks of them. Speaking to a constituent yesterday, Rubio said he would not hold a town hall meeting because “people get rude and stupid.”

Nevertheless, Rubio’s constituents held a town hall meeting without him, or on his behalf, Thursday night using an empty suit to stand in for the absent senator.

Rubio is just one of many members of Congress who are afraid to meet with the people they represent, but no member of Congress has failed to miss a fundraiser. Judgment day will come for them next November when they run for re-election. Rubio and his colleagues will be more than willing to talk then.

Rubio said he planned to do exactly what he told the people he would do. “I’ve heard the people,” Rubio said, “I ran for office. I told everybody I was against Obamacare. I told everybody I was in favor of things I was in favor of.”

The Republican Party ran a great campaign against Obamacare and spent the last six years touting about how they would repeal it. People who are currently using the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) must not have realized they were telling the truth – I mean – that is a rare quality in Washington.

Note: To watch the video of the Rubio interview go to @Politicalnatio2 on Twitter.