Having argued with dozens of Trump supporters over the rights and wrongs of the “Gays Keep Out of the Sekrit Treehaus” bill (also known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act), I found one argument that does tend to shut them up.

A lot of them would say, “Businesses should be able to refuse service to whoever they want.” Of course, Civil Rights Act of 1964 notwithstanding, they would insist that they don’t have to serve gays, and shouldn’t have to serve anyone they don’t want to serve.

So, I ask them, “If you could, then, you would choose not to serve gay people at all?”

“Yes, that’s right. I wouldn’t serve them. They are perverting God’s will.”

“Have you said as much to them when they come into your store now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, to be fair to them, I would think you would put a big sign in your window, saying ‘We Don’t Serve Gay People.’ Right? I mean, you don’t want their filthy money or anything.”

“Well, no, we don’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because the gay mafia would protest and shut me down! I’d lose my business because of the Socialist Nazi Communist Gay Cabal!”

“And that would be the free market doing its job, right?”

“Uh . . . ”

“And I see from your profile you run, ‘Harvey’s Fine Art Framing’ in Scottsdale . . . perhaps we should just help you with that sign thing . . . ”

<delete account>