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A former business associate and a personal lawyer of Donald Trump took part in a private meeting in New York City last month in an effort to hatch a plan that would, effectively, give Crimean territory currently occupied by Russia, to Russia. The plan would bring about a false peace between Russia and the Ukraine giving the US reason to lift sanctions on Russia.

The Players

The players in this clandestine operation are: Michael Cohen; a former personal attorney for Trump, Felix Slater; a business and real estate associate of Trump, Andrii Artemenko; a Russian politician, Vladimir Putin, and perhaps, Paul Manafort Trump’s former campaign manager.

The Played

Those being played are: Petro O. Poroshenko; the Ukraine president, Crimea and the citizens of the United States.

The Target

The targets are:  a peace proposal, that isn’t really a peace proposal, The Ukraine, Crimea, and the lifting of US sanctions against Russia.

The information for this story comes from the New York Times Deputy Managing Editor Matt Purdy, the Washington Post and Blasting News, to name a few.

Last month Cohen, and possibly Slater, met with Russian politician Artemenko in a New York Hotel, where they hatched proposal to be given to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The proposal involved a trade for peace. Russian would withdraw its forces from Crimea. That good news in the Ukraine would cause voters to agree to a referendum allowing Russia to lease the territory they seized for periods of 50 or 100 years. After the referendum passed the US would have reason to lift sanctions on Russia, for what would appear to be a peace between Russia and the Ukraine.

The Outcome

The good fortune for Russia would create chaos in the Ukraine after they realized they had been used. The current Ukrainian president would be ousted and a pro-Russian leader could then be installed. Trump would get a jump in the polls in the US for, what he would claim as his part in brokering a successful peace plan. Russia is happy, the American Government is happy and the American people would be none the wiser if Trump manages to install enough doubt in the minds of the America people that the press provide nothing but lies.

What we know

The meeting did take place. Cohen has acknowledged the meeting and so has Slater. Cohen, according to Purdy of the New York Times, tried to, or did leave an envelope with the peace proposal in Flynn’s office. Cohen denies he tried to leave and envelope. Slater, however, backs up the story about the package. Slater said he believed Cohen wanted to give the document to Flynn, but Flynn was unable to meet with him due to intense scrutiny at the time that caused him to resign days later.

The reason for creating the clandestine peace plan seem clear. Russia keeps the territory it took by force and sanctions are lifted. If all goes to plan, Russia installs a pro-Putin president, and effectively, the Ukraine will belong to Russia, along with the oil deals from the Arctic Sea and other places that are currently on hold due to US sanctions. Trump and his business partners become richer and more powerful and the behind-the-scenes operations continue, while the press is vilified and Trump’s base is blissfully ignorant to how much they have been used.

Cohen said, “I acknowledge that the brief meeting took place, but emphatically denies discussing this topic or delivering any documents to the White House and/or General Flynn.”

Slater, who pleaded guilty to participating in a mafia-related stock fraud in 1998 and has received a delay in his sentencing while he secretly helps, or cooperates, with the US Government on criminal and national security investigations, said he heard about the peace plan and was excited.”I got excited about trying to stop a war,” Slater said, “I thought if this could improve conditions in three countries, good, so be it.”

Trump claims he hardly knows Slater and would not recognize him if they were in the same room.

Manafort is thought to oppose the current Ukrainian president and worked with a former pro-Putin leader in the Ukraine until he was ousted amid public protest in 2014. He would like to see another pro-Putin player in charge, though he denies any involvement. Manafort insists he has “no role” in Artemenko’s initiative.

Meanwhile, the fat lady is warming up to sing.