Out of a concern that information could be leaked or compromised, US intelligence officials may have withheld information from the President, perhaps, underscoring the deep mistrust between them.

The mistrust, comes in part from statements Trump has made about the US intelligence agencies, but most likely, any information withheld from him is done out of due diligence. The Trump Administrations ties with the Russian Government is something the agencies would be wary of.

Wednesday, Trump accused the agencies of leaking information that led to the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security advisor. It seems, by Trump’s way of thinking, investigating others activities and reporting on those activities is leaking information.

In some cases, the intelligence communities are known to withheld information from the president about the sources and methods of their data collection on foreign governments. Sensitive information in the wrong hands, could they fear, tip off those governments and put their operatives in danger.

Still, the intelligence community denies withholding information from Trump, saying they are “providing the best possible intelligence to the president.”

Agencies, have in the past, withheld certain information from a president or members of Congress about how they ply their trade. There are times they decide secrecy is necessary to protect their sources, and all the presidents need to know is what the source revealed, but not where or how they have come about the information.

Intelligence officials said Wednesday they know of no instance in which crucial information has been withheld from Mr. Trump. Nevertheless, the mistrust between the White House and the Intelligence community seems to have deepened.