Michael T. Flynn, has resigned from his post as National Security Advisor, after mounting pressure amidst his contact Russian operatives. His Russian ties goes back to at least Feb. 10, 2015, at a RT gala, praising Putin for his work with RT and ironically enough, so was Dr Jill Stein.

He was also on the 2012 Obama team, but fired because his stance on foreign affairs differed from that of his boss. The alleged “leaks,” reveal a very dysfunctional White House. Flynn, it seems, was in contact throughout the 2016 presidential election campaign. The house oversight committee’s Democratic members have asked for Flynn’s security clearance to be revoked. The house committee’s Democratic members were concerned that Michael Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian hacks and/or influence.

Before all this, KellyAnne Conway went on MSNBC’s “Live with Steve Kornacki,” where Kornacki pressed her on the matter. (Of Flynn’s Russian ties) She kept saying “President Trump has the utmost faith in General Flynn.” As the interview progressed, it seemed Steve Kornacki was becoming more upset that Conway wouldn’t give a thoughtful, coherent explanation to the matter when he continued to ask about it.

As the “drip-drip” of news leaked out, speculation began to mount as to what Flynn’s status was going to be. Sean Spicer, Press Secretary for the Trump White House, publicly stated a contradiction from what KellyAnne Conway had said earlier to MSNBC, and in an early morning interview with Matt Lauer on Today on NBC.

When the daily press briefing was still underway, Spicer stated that “President Trump was weighing his options.” That should’ve been the red flag that something was going on with General Flynn, especially seeing as he made one public appearance a few weeks back. In Flynn’s only press briefing, he stated that “We are putting Iran on notice” after Iran test fired an ICBM that could possibly hit the US West Coast.

The timeline of events goes as follows:

  •  December 30: Vladimir Putin responds to the sanctions, raising the FBI’s interests in the matter.
  • January 12: David Ignatius of the Washington Post mentions the Flynn call to Russia in a column on the newspaper.
  • January 15: Then VP-Elect Mike Pence mentions the call on CBS’s “Face The Nation.” All of this happened before Trump was inaugurated as president, all during the waning days of the Obama Administration. The Democrats in congress have every right to call for an investigation into this matter. Something about this whole mess smells funny and we as the American people need to hear what ACTUALLY happened.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), is calling for an investigation of the many Trump Administration’s ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin. For many years, Trump has done business inside Russia to promote his organization. As recently as 2014, he hosted the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, the heart of the Russian Kremlin. Many of his major deals, Russian financed and orchestrated. Trump’s entanglements with Russia have promoted Senator Warren to fire off a string of tweets, stating that this is a first step into regaining American values.
We shouldn’t be using this ouster of Michael Flynn as a scapegoat measure. We should be using this as a rallying cry for what this country once stood for: accountability, fairness and freedom from oppression.

Instead, Warren said, we’ve slipped into the annals of history, especially since Donald Trump won the presidential election, while losing the popular vote, and his many business dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin. Also in on the call for an investigation, is fellow Massachusetts Democratic Senator, Edward J. Markey, who eschewed the same sentiments and said that Trump’s business dealings violates the emoluments clause within the US Constitution.

Elizabeth Warren wrote on Facebook:
“This isn’t a game. Reports say the Russians conducted a series of successful cyber-attacks on our elections to help elect Donald Trump. Reports say our own intelligence agencies have corroborated parts of a dossier alleging that Russia has compromising information about Donald Trump. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has close ties to Putin. Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross has close financial ties to Putin buddies. Donald Trump is still making money overseas and may have financial ties to Russia. Nobody knows since he STILL won’t release his taxes.”

I believe we are looking at the collapse of the White House, all because of Michael Flynn’s blatant disregard over his phone call to the Russians. If he had shut his mouth, kept his feet in line, maybe then we’d see this new administration get off the ground. Instead, here we are, on day 26, and already, there’s a national security breach, the likes we haven’t seen since possibly the WaterGate scandal that brought down Richard Millhouse Nixon.

It’s right for us as a nation to want to have our elected officials do right by the American people, instead of doing their own thing that eventually screws us over in the end. What Michael T. Flynn and company did, is a form of treason. This is treason, a betrayal of your own government, in its purest form. I’m disgusted that a man who supposedly knows how to read intelligence, passed it onto his Russian friends, and now they have a Spy Ship sitting off the our coast.