The Kremlin fired new cruise missiles today the US claims is a violation of a 1987 arms control treaty involving medium-range missiles. Then, a Russian spy ship was spotted patrolling off the coast of Delaware on the same day.

The Russian ship, SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, patrolled in International waters only 70 miles from Delaware. The two cruise missiles were launched from two locations inside Russia.

Meanwhile, The White House was talking tough toward Moscow saying the Crimea Peninsula should be turned back over to the Ukraine.

During a news briefing today, Sean Spicer said Russia had seized Crimea during the Obama Administration and Trump wanted it returned. US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has strongly denounced, what she called the “Russian occupation.”

During the news briefing today, Spicer said, “At the same time, he (Trump) fully expects to – and wants to – get along with Russia.” Russian actions today, as well as the Trump Administrations statements seem to put a damper on hopes for better relations with Russia.