Joseph P. Clancy is retiring from the Secret Service. Clancy served as head of the security agency from 2009 to 2011, and then returned in 2014 after President Obama requested him at a time when the agency was going through a crisis period.

Clancy’s departure leaves the current president the opportunity to appoint his own head of security. Clancy will be staying on as head of security until March 4, giving Trump time to find a replacement.

Clancy began his career with the Secret Service in 1984. He rose through the ranks to become the head of Obama’s detail in 2009. Clancy is said to have a calm demeanor and a very professional manner of problem solving. Under him, his understaffed agents once covered Pope Francis on his four-city visit in the summer of 2015, along with protecting 170 foreign dignitaries at the UN at the same time. Clancy said those were the times when he was proudest of his agency.

Those under consideration to replace Clancy are George Mulligan; the current chief operating officer, Larry Cockell; leader of President Clinton’s detail, Mickey Nelson; a former assistant director and William Callahan, who has recently be appointed as deputy director.