News and Views

By James Ray Owens

National Security Advisor and Trump loyalist, Gen. Michael Flynn resigned Monday night following a controversy over communications with a Russian ambassador and his misrepresentations about those communications.

In his letter of resignation Flynn stopped short of calling himself a liar, but when you know something is not true and you say it anyway, then you have lied. One can paint a rose on a pigs back to make it smell better, but it’s still a pig.

“I inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador …, Flynn said in his statement. Then he went on to say the President and Vice President accepted his apology.

His statement continued to try to make the pig smell better by adding more flowery rhetoric. “I know with the strong leadership of President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the superb team they are assembling, this team will go down in history as one of the greatest presidencies in US history.”

Taking Flynn’s job for the interim will be former National Chief of Staff Gen. Keith Kellogg. Possible permanent replacements include retired Gen. David Petraeus, a general who also had trouble keeping things to himself in the past, and Vice Admiral Bob Harward.

Kelly came under fire over the last several days when information was released and reported on by the press that he had spoken to Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak about the US sanctions against his government before Trump’s inauguration. He was quoted as saying in one conversation to Kislyak that Russia shouldn’t overreact to the penalties being imposed by President Barack Obama, making it clear that the two sides would be in position to review the matter after the inauguration.

Kelly’s communications with the Russian ambassador, and possibly others, creates an atmosphere for potential blackmail by the Russians in an effort to have those sanctions removed by the current US president. Trump, has said little about Flynn over the last couple of days.

The National Press should be recognized for its reporting and tenacity in this case, and one has to wonder how many more pigs are behind the fence. It’s Valentine’s Day. Someone better call FTD.