Supporters of Donald Trump have been notified via Twitter, and other media, that any polls showing a negative outcome toward his administration is “fake news.”

Virtually every tangible poll in the nation has shown Trump’s popularity and support for his agenda are in the negative column. His disapproval ratings are terrible for a new president.

New presidents usually enjoy a honeymoon period with citizens, but Trump has changed the usual to the unusual.  He’s done this, in part, by creating controversy from his very first day in office, and thus, the populace has already grown wary of him.

The news media that gave him a boost during his campaign with story after story about him, while at the same time, giving little ink to his opponents, is now reporting on his diverse and unpopular activities. It appears Trump’s honeymoon with the press is also over.

A Gallop poll shows that 60 percent of Americans oppose his border wall. A CNN poll shows that 53 percent disapprove of his immigration and travel ban, with 58 percent oppose his efforts to stop Syrian refugees. Further, a CBS poll shows that a clear majority of Americans, 58-36 percent, feel his executive order regarding the seven Muslim countries goes against our nation’s founding principles.

Seven of ten people would like to know more about the president’s finances, and a Quinnipiac poll shows people believe Trump will be a worse president than Barack Obama, by 50-37 percent. His popularity ratings show negative reactions in CBS, CBS/ORC, Gallup, Public Policy Polling, Survey Monkey, Economist/YouGov and Quinnipiac. Only two major polls show a positive approval rating. Rasmussen reports give Trump a 54 percent approval Rating, on the flip side of that, Quinnipiac shows Trump with a 36 percent approval rating.

Even Fox News, who generally ignores or contradicts negative news on conservatives, reported the story in an unbiased fashion stating that “President Trump continued his assault on mainstream polling on Monday morning, tweeting that any poll showing his controversial immigration ban is (sic) unpopular is “fake news” and asserting his internal statistics are superior.”

Trump continues to convey the idea that people want more border security and “extreme vetting.” The only question is, does he really believe it himself, or is he just blustering to his base to keep them on his side?