By Contributing writer, Nicholas Biondo

Betsy DeVos, you aren’t what this country needs. You are a shill, a GOP puppet they are using to bring creationism to a mainstay presidential cabinet position. I’m sorry, I can’t see you overseeing the student loan process and not wanting to line your own pockets. You aren’t what the American people want from an education secretary.

You want to bring “gods kingdom” to America. I’m sorry, last time I checked, there was a separation of church and state, an amendment sponsored by Lyndon Banes Johnson to split up the government from churches and their endorsements, not to mention inside the constitution that says these two entities shall remain separate but equal. This is troubling to me, Mrs DeVos.

When your confirmation hearing was underway, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), asked you very poignant questions: “Ms DeVos, have you ever overseen a One trillion-dollar federal education budget?” Your answer: “No.” Senator Warren then asks you again: “Have you ever overseen a billion-dollar federal education budget?” Your answer: “No.” This should be a red flag to everyone who wants to vote to confirm you to the post you’ve been nominated for. Am I a fan of charter schools? Hell no! I don’t see you standing up for us, the American students who are buried up to our eyeballs in debt.” ($1.3-1.4Trillion, surpassing the debt we owe to China).

Mrs DeVos, I’d like to sit down and ask you some questions. You’re from Michigan, a traditional blue state that Donald J Trump won by 11,000 votes. You aren’t a champion for the American people, let alone American students.

Your family has donated money to the Michigan GOP throughout the years, you had stated during your confirmation hearing your children never needed to use a Pell Grant, a grant to help pay for college tuition. Would you, in all fairness and honesty, ever disclose which people you donated money to while in Michigan? Will you be fully transparent with a department that loans money to high-school-age kids, looking to further their dreams of becoming a scientist or for being a technician for a doctor inside a hospital or will you simply follow Trump’s lead and do none of the above?

I am sickened by your nomination. You don’t understand what it’s like for the rest of the American people. You had an easy life without taking out any federal student loans to finance your college education. I get that, I   understand the logic behind your thinking. The thing I’m most worried about is your donations to the Michigan GOP and how you destroyed public schools inside the state.

Some of the best institutions for a college education, namely the University of Michigan and Michigan State University have seen you blacklist them and slash funding for science, the arts and engineering. I’m disgusted you couldn’t give cognitive, cohesive answers and that you want to turn public schools into a voucher program – yet another ideological agreement within the GOP I oppose.