The parents of an infant Iranian girl boarded a flight last week with their child. They were headed to America where the baby would get the necessary heart surgery she needed, but they were rerouted back to Iran and told to reapply for a US visa again in 90 days.

The infant baby has serious heart defects and the surgery is necessary to save her life, but she was caught up in Trump’s blanket immigration travel ban. The baby Fatemeh Reshad, and her parents were scheduled to meet with doctors in Portland, Oregon, but were barred from traveling from Iran due to the ban.

Doctors in Iran told the child’s parents weeks ago she needed at least one surgery, and possibly more, to correct her heart defects, or she would die, ABC news reported her uncle Samad Taghizaheh, a US Citizen as saying.

Yesterday evening, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will now be able to enter the country. “This evening we were pleased to learn that the federal government has now granted Fatemeh Reshad and her family boarding documents to come to the United States,” Cuomo said.

The governor said in a statement that he “would continue to work with the International Refugee Assistance Project and their partners to ensure this baby receives the treatment she needs, and fight for those being unfairly shut out of America’s gates by this (Trump’s travel ban) policy.”

Cuomo called the ban “repugnant” coming out of America, who believe all people are part of “the human family.”