OPINION – By James R. Owens

I guess one who isn’t a racist is an elitist. Someone who does not believe alternative facts are believable, are liars and real journalists are the “opposition party.” This is what Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief White House Strategist had to say today.

It appears, reporting the news, when it’s not particularly flattering, means you’re opposing someone; It doesn’t mean that at all. News reporters report the news, and that’s what they’ve been doing all along.

They were telling the truth when they said his inauguration crowd was much smaller than Obama’s and they were telling the truth when they said that wide-spread voter fraud does not exist in America.

The media should be “embarrassed and humiliated,” Bannon said. This makes since coming from a person who runs a tabloid-type website, shock and awe radio stations, has a big mouth and looks like he just stumbled out of a bar.

Steve Bannon, defended White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who admittedly, has alternative facts, but calls the Press liars.

Bannon’s attacks on journalism is a shady and shallow attempt at manipulating those who endeavor to tell it like it is. He likes to play the game and act like a journalist, but he’s quite the opposite. He’s a player, but he’s no journalist.

In his attack against the press, Bannon was doing what Bannon does best – blowing out hot air. He has no shame, and humiliation and embarrassment are two things he knows little about. He said the “media should keep it’s mouth shut.” I sure there are many, many who wish Bannon would do the same.

And why is his nose always so red?