Donald Trump signed an executive order today that could revive the Dakota Access Keystone XL pipeline, further eroding former President Obama’s environmental legacy and put a additional stress on the environment.

The order signed today, would allow Dakota Access Keystone XL to renew their application for permits to continue with their embattled oil pipeline, although the authority of his order may be somewhat entangled by the fact that it cannot, by itself, undo former legislative or statutory action on the matter. Some of the environmental reviews that would be involved cannot be swept away by an executive order. However, with the Republican-led Congress in favor of the pipeline, it seems very likely the project will move forward.

Trump told reporters today that he would expect any steel used in the project to come from America, although that was not part of the executive order.




“The orders will likely have an immediate impact in North Dakota, where the pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners want to complete the final 1,100-foot piece of the 1,172-mile pipeline route that runs under Lake Oahe. The pipeline would carry oil from the booming shale oil reserves in North Dakota to refineries and pipeline networks in Illinois, the Washington Post reported today.

The pipeline will no doubt exacerbate Native American Groups that have protested the project and applauded former President Barak Obama’s effort to halt the project.




Environmentalist say the pipeline would increase greenhouse gases from the extensive energy it takes to extract the thick crude. The pipelines themselves pose a threat to the wildlife, water supplies and sacred burial ground of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other Native American groups.

The oil industry hailed Trump’s action as a victory because it would enhance economic growth by tapping into America’s energy.