As early are tomorrow, it’s thought that Donald Trump will sign an executive order temporarily banning immigration of most refugees. In addition, He will likely suspend new visas from Syria and at least six other Middle Eastern counties.

The information about the ban and the visas come from Congressional Aides, a Reuters news reports states.

He may also turn his attention tomorrow on the border wall with Mexico by signing an order to direct the construction of the wall, even though members of Congress are concerned over the cost and how it will be paid for. Mexico, who trump said would pay for the wall, has said it will not.

Reuters reported that “detractors could launch legal challenges to the moves if all the countries subject to the ban are Muslim-majority nations, said immigration expert Hiroshi Motomura at UCLA School of Law. Legal arguments could claim the executive orders discriminate against a particular religion, which would be unconstitutional, he said.

“His comments during the campaign and a number of people on his team focused very much on religion as the target,” Motomura said.”

He is expected to announce other measures involving security soon as well. Those measures include biometric identification for all incoming immigrants. Biometrics is the next wave of secure identity, whereby the iris of the eye and facial recognition is used for identification.