Before the smoke had cleared from the burning limousine from yesterday’s protests, Trump began clamping down on dissenters, changing the White House web page and selling his wife’s jewelry. God help us when he has an entire day to act.

Trump has stepped into Obama’s shoes, shoes by the way, that are far too big for him to fill. The promises he made during yesterday’s speech are still ringing in his ears of his google-eyes followers, but his actions are showing us he plans to take far more than he plans to give.

One of his first actions was to sign an executive order making cuts in Obamacare, the individual mandate has fallen, and there is uncertainty now, what else may be involved. He then signed an executive order that overturned mortgage fee reductions for low-income first-time home buyers, which seems to make his claim that he would reach out to those with less, seem false and obscure.

He then turned to the White House webpage and removed parts of the issues page that included LGBT rights and rights for people with disabilities. Climate change issues were gutted, as well as other issues he seems to dislike.

He shut down the Interior Department’s Twitter accounts because a couple tweets regarding his inauguration were not agreeable to him.

Lastly, he devoted space on the White House web page to praise his wife Melania, complete with details about her jewelry collection on the QVC network.

Then of course, his ego stepped in and he posted his biographical page and devoted a significant amount of space to boasting about his electoral win — from the 17 Republican primary rivals he vanquished to what he called his “truly national victory and a historic movement.”

For those of you who voted for Trump, I hope you are not a person with disabilities, one who needs Obamacare or is planning to purchase your first home – unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.- forget that new home. If you voted for him, thanks for nothing, and nothing is what the American people are going to get. When he said, he would put us first, he lied!