Donald Trump said the news media are lying about the number of attendees at his inauguration yesterday,despite the fact that photos and videos show he fell short of the number he claims – 1.5 million.

Speaking to members of the intelligence community today he said, “It looked like a million and a half to me…it (the crowd) went all the way back to the Washington Monument. He said the media estimated there to be about 200,000, but Vox.com said the numbers were 700,000 to 900,000, or about half the number of people who attended Obama’s 2009 inauguration. So what do you believe?

Well, it seems plain that the numbers were down for Trump. Some news agencies may have reported the 200,000, number, but others I’ve seen agree it was a little higher. All agree Trump’s inauguration had about half of Obama’s numbers from 2009.

Besides, who cares how many people attended or who said what. Listening to him is sometimes akin to listening to children fight on a playground. He cannot take criticism of any type. How is he going to serve as the President if he holds a press conference and argues about anything he sees as a discrepancy or every slight he feels he’s taken from the press, or anyone else?




His supporters cry, “give him a chance,” but how can we do that when it seems he doesn’t know what the truth is? There’s the truth, and then there’s his truth. He is no longer working a reality television show, but running the greatest country in the world.




I feel sympathy for some of his supporters who believed in him with so much passion. How do they deal with the reality that the person they believed in so hardily is going to fall far short from the hopes they had of him. Further, how can we convince them, in the future, to come over to our side once they realize the mistake they’ve made?