The Women’s March on Washington on Sunday is expected to be one of the largest protests in American history, the day after Trump’s inauguration. His approval ratings have fallen to 40 percent or below and 53 percent say they have less confidence in Trump today that just after the election. Finally, his inauguration itself is expected to be unexpectedly low-keyed for a man who like so much pomp.

A CNN poll released today shows Trump’s falling numbers. The poll itself was a small random sample of 1,000 Americans, who for the most part, either never had faith in Trump, or had lost faith in him since the election. Trump is said to lack self-control, act impetuously, demonstrates erratic behavior, and most telling of all, he is seen as being “fundamentally dishonest.”

Of those polled, 43 percent do not believe Trump can handle the job of being president. As for his campaign promises, only 29 percent believe he can accomplish is top-tier goal of building a wall on Mexico’s border and make them pay for it. Six in ten don’t believe he is capable of defeating ISIS, and only 46 percent say his priorities reflect that of their own. Other incoming presidents have enjoyed a honeymoon with Americans, but Trump’s honeymoon was short-lived and is beginning to feel more like divorce proceedings.

Most telling is the fact that most presidents come into office with much higher numbers reflecting the American people’s confidence in their new leader’s character. His poll numbers do not reflect that of an incoming president with high character marks.

Last week Trump promised his inaugural would be “very, very special,” but recent events show quite the opposite. Forty democratic leaders will be no-shows, many A-list performers have refused to participate and a growing number of Americans say they will blackout the inauguration by not watching the ceremonies on television.

Protests are likely to heavily outweigh the inauguration itself. The city has reported far more charter buses of protesters have sought parking permits in Washington and surrounding areas. The length and size of Trump’s parades are expected to fall short of his predecessors. All the above are sure signs Trump is taking the oath of office as the most unpopular president in modern history.