President Elect Donald Trump is facing a new lawsuit filed by former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos that alleges he defamed her by claiming she was lying about sexual assault allegations.

So far, more than 10 women have accused Trump of sexual assault, or inappropriate sexual contact, and he has denied each and every one of them.

During a news conference held today in Los Angeles by Zervos’ attorney, Gloria Allred, the litigator claimed Mr. Trump kissed and groped her client without consent at his office in New York, and at a hotel in Los Angeles, per a New York Times story.

Trump accused Zervos of lying about the incident, but Allred said it was Trump who was doing the lying.

The New York Times story quoted Zervos: “But it was Donald Trump who was lying when he falsely denied his predatory misconduct with Summer Zervos, and derided her for perpetrating a ‘hoax’ and making up a ‘phony’ story to get attention,” the lawsuit says. “Donald Trump lied again, and again, and again, and again. In doing so, he used his national and international bully pulpit to make false factual statements to denigrate and verbally attack Ms. Zervos and the other women.”

Allred said the lawsuit would be dropped immediately if Mr. Trump would admit that he lied about Zervos.

Note” Quotes in this story are attributed to :  JAN of the New York Times, dated: Jan 17, 2017)