Not all the news is bad, but you do have to overlook most of the top headlines to find it at times. President Obama, in his last week in office, visited with the Chicago Cubs Major League baseball team, a team who won a championship after a 108-year drought. Proof, Obama said, that hope was still alive.

“I will say, it took you long enough. I’ve got four days left. Eight years ago, I made a lot of promises, some of which we’ve accomplished. But not even I was crazy enough to promise that the Cubs would win the World Series. But I did say there’s nothing false about hope. The audacity of hope.”

Obama, is a Chicago White Sox fan, and knowing this, Cubs Baseball Operations Manager Theo Epstein jokingly offered Obama a pardon, a jersey with the number 44 on it and a life-time pass to Wrigley Field for the President and his family.

Politics drives a nation and is extremely important to keep up with, but once in a while it’s good to step outside and see the sunshine again, to hear the crack of the bat, smell the green grass, the cheering crowds and hot dogs.