(In no particular order.)
1. Reality shows have reached total irrelevance. No audience, no talent and overkill. YouTube does amateur much better and in less time. Besides, The Apprentice is now about to run the country… unscripted and incompetent.
2. Selfie-this and selfie-that cluttering up the internet. Really who cares who was your dinner guest, at what restaurant you dined, and the exact time you arrived and left? Nobody cares! Might also eliminate the pictures of food on your plate. Unless you’re a restaurant, let it go. Put the camera away and enjoy the company of your friends.
3. Anonymous fake news web pages. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. all have the information on the origin and promoters of every web page out there. Blogs and any site claiming to be news sources need to be forced to identify their point of origin and their owners. The right to privacy disappears when an individual/group or corporation “goes public” with information they represent as truth.
4. Endless politics. Trump has not even been inaugurated yet and already the media have moved on to 2018. Most real first-world democracies have a time limit on election cycles—like 90 days—that forces candidates to stick to the issues since they really have little time to get their message out there. Short election cycles also limit the number of commercials, and cuts the sums of money fed into the elections.
5. Mock religion. What began as people gathering for worship has grown to idiotic proportions with insane people claiming personal knowledge coming from a god created in their own image. Especially weary of millionaire “preachers” who are nothing more than big business tycoons catering to bigotry and racial/ethnic persecution.
6. Prescription drug commercials promoting questionable cures at inflated prices to gullible people who really do not need them. There was a time when such commercials were illegal. Time to bring back the restriction… fastest way to cut drug costs. Clue: Any medical commercial that includes the line: “Talk to your doctor about our [cure-all untested drug].”
7. Superheroes. Mind you, I’m among the first to like superheroes, but we need real heroes today who can challenge the negative forces leading our nation and our world into another Dark Age. Would that our young people who relate to superheroes were just as adept at truly building a better world. Spandex alone does not a superhero make. Like most heroes, we need to develop an awareness of our powers and harness them for the greater Common Good.
Roger Chauvette