Opinion by Leslie Tillmann

As an American Citizen I am of two minds today: At some area of my brain I am paranoid and worrying about my future free of nuclear holocaust or a fascist dictatorship.  But also am so very proud of our small cadre of Senators standing up for good in their midnight votes.  We seem to be at a crossroads of our civilization according to many…but also are firmly in the process of living our republic’s ideals. We have people living their ideals in fact and in deed. Even Republicans are doing their job in some respects…look at Marco Rubio asking all the hard questions… and Lindsay Graham standing up to Trump! We must depend on the goodness of our system and on REAL hearts and minds.  The ACA may be taken away, but eventually we will overcome this and we will have healthcare back for our people better than before. Selfishness must not be allowed to take over.  But it requires our vigilance and our constant support of those on the front lines. There are lots of people gathering to take up these and many other causes.


It is imperative to support these people and groups in an organized manner. One group has laid out a very thorough outline of the steps required to take the steps to accomplish our goals:   https://www.indivisibleguide.com/ .

This guide was written by former Congressional staff members outlining the proper procedures to most effectively get things done on Capitol Hill….the way to influence the people we need to influence.

It is a long read, but outlines the precise manner that will be most effective in getting the job done. They are compiling a list of groups you can join to get our work done. Rather than just cry and moan, these are steps to accomplish the goals!