News and Opinion announced Thursday it would be adding 100,00o new full-time jobs over the next 18 months, according to a Washington Post report. The announcement came just after the president-elect met with tech companies. It’s fair to assume more details will come on Trump’s Twitter account later.

Amazon’s chief executive Jeffery P. Bezos said the new jobs would include engineers, software developers and people to work in their fulfillment centers.

It’s not known if Trump’s meeting with the tech executives had anything to do with the jobs being created or whether they were simply reporting plans already in progress, but Trump is sure to use this to puff out his chest, as he did with Carrier last month.

Trump gave himself credit during Wednesday’s press conference for saving a 1,00o jobs in Indiana with Carrier Corporation. However, the numbers don’t add up. Fact checks show that of the 1,400 jobs on the line, about 700 will remain in the US and about 700 will still be heading to Mexico. Not to mention those 700 jobs saved will cost the State of Indiana $7 million in tax incentives for Carrier. So, it may be more accurate to say, Indiana saved 700 jobs.

It’s doubtful that Trump will complain about this press coverage, unless the press are the “losers’ he claims them to be and does not report it at all. If trump wants to stop bad press coverage, he needs to stop doing things that create bad coverage. As stated earlier, this news was reported by the Washington Post, the opinion part, belongs to me.