Within the Christian Church, the biggest power in the hands of the laity is the Power of the Purse. The same is true about the marketplace. We the People hold the power and not the billionaires. The problem is we fear to use it. We underestimate how it works.
The billionaires did not get super-rich by spending their own money, they stole yours by not paying their fair share in taxes. Our present crisis is not founded in productivity, but in greed. Think about that for a moment or two or three…
  • Why do we accept to spend over a billion $$ to run an election?
  • Why do we let politicians make cash more important than issues?
  • Why are we afraid to punish the corporations without ethics?
It’s time to organize and form a group called “The Power of the Purse” with the goal of finding the Achilles’ Heels of the corporate world and to bring it down. We are not helpless, just disorganized. FDR did not wait for the billionaires to end the Great Depression, he put the people to work with dignity on government programs the private sector ignored and as a result, vastly improved the national infra-structure. He reformed the banks.
Look around… Many old corporations are either limping along or disappearing. The code word is “People’s buying habits have changed.” That’s another word for boycott. When the buyers keep away, corporations either change or die. Time to break up every single bank or corporation that is “too big to fail.” The anti-monopoly part of government is a farce. We need to stop corporate welfare and defend the welfare of real people. Remember corporations have no souls and no ethics. They are things, NOT people.
What would the banks do with mass bankruptcies by ordinary people? What would happen when ordinary people stop buying all Georgia-Pacific products? What if every family took to bicycling instead of motor vehicles? What if big SUVs lost favor to smaller electric cars? What if there was a massive switch to solar and wind power?
Once more, let’s not confuse disorganized with powerless. We are not powerless, we hold the Power of the Purse. It’s time to organize. Let’s raft our canoes together and prove there is strength in people numbers… a greater strength than in the dollar numbers.
Roger A Chauvette