I’ve been follower of politics my entire adult life and never have a seen a man in the political arena as insecure with himself as Donald Trump seems to be.

I don’t pretend to be a fan of Mr. Trump. In fact, I am quite the opposite. Yet, I still try to find some redeeming value in the man who is going to make decisions that are going to affect our country immensely; I’m finding this to be an impossible task.

On Twitter, he wrote “Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results.” In fact, he has disputed the idea that Russia has done any hacking at all. He blames the press and the intelligence agencies for lying about it. Nevertheless, just moment later he tweeted, “Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place. The Republican National Committee had strong defense.”

So, it appears he doesn’t even fully agree with his own thoughts on the matter. He is being defensive, so defensive, in fact, he cannot see the difference between denying something and affirming what he has denied. Most politicians are known for saying one thing and then reversing their stance later, but he is so concerned about the cloud of doubt the American public will hang over his head, that he stubbornly hangs on to a lie rather than admit he may be wrong. Yet, I wonder, how much of a lie it actually is.

Most members in his own party now seem to back whatever Trump does or says, knowing full well he is acting like someone who is not capable of making the proper decisions to move the country forward. The reason they look the other way and pretend they agree is because the only thing that matters to them is their precocious agenda. They will do anything, accept any vice and back any man, even one who seems to be walking on the edge of insanity much of the time, to further their own ideals. Yet, I wonder, do they know something we do not know?

Trump is a vile man, with little regard for anyone but himself, and you don’t have to take my word for this. All you must do is watch and listen – if you can stomach it – to this man’s comments and actions. Have you ever seen anyone like him before? Sure, you have, but you’ve not seen this kind of individual, one who some believe is insane, about to lead the greatest nation in the world into God only knows what kind of harm. Yet, I wonder, is he as transparent as he seems?

Before the election, Trump himself declare it would be rigged. It was a good act, one good enough for Academy Award consideration. What he was doing at the time was using a psychological trick on the public. He knew the election wasn’t rigged against him, but for him. It was a diversion, politicians are famous for diversions, and although he campaigned on the claim he was not a politician, he is very much a politician. He’s honed his craft well over the years. So, well, in fact, that more than 62 million Americans believed he was their knight in shining armor.

As for those who voted for Trump:  many of them are not a lot different from him and the other Republicans. A large portion of that group of voters, like trump, would not admit they made a mistake no matter what the outcome is. Yet, I wonder, what kind of mistake did Trump supporters really make?

The Rolling Stone has a good article about voter crosschecking. Voter crosschecking is a program promoted by Republicans to eliminate or disqualify voters from the roles. They do this by making the claim that a voter is registered in more than one state, and therefore when they vote, their vote is disqualified.

Here is part of the Rolling Stone article called “The GOP”s stealth war against voters.”

“What’s far more likely to undermine democracy in November is the culmination of a decade-long Republican effort to disenfranchise voters under the guise of battling voter fraud. The latest tool: Election officials in more than two dozen states have compiled lists of citizens whom they allege could be registered in more than one state – thus potentially able to cast multiple ballots – and eligible to be purged from the voter rolls.

The data is processed through a system called the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, which is being promoted by a powerful Republican operative, and its lists of potential duplicate voters are kept confidential. But Rolling Stone obtained a portion of the list and the names of 1 million targeted voters. According to our analysis, the Crosscheck list disproportionately threatens solid Democratic constituencies: young, black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters – with some of the biggest possible purges underway in Ohio and North Carolina, two crucial swing states with tight Senate races.”

It’s estimated that as many as 7 million voters nationwide were disenfranchised during the 2016 election. Here is a link to the Rolling Stone article.

So, it seems Trump has good reason for his constant tweets about Russia and their involvement in the election results because there is a chance he is right. The whole issue could be a diversion, a diversion to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

Certainly, the negative press coverage Hillary Clinton received over the emails and Benghazi turned some voters against her, but I don’t think that was near enough to sway the election in favor of someone who was considered such an underdog. Maybe, voter suppression had more to do with Clinton’s loss than the Russians did.

Again, he has us looking the other direction. The election is rigged against me, no it wasn’t. The Russians, despite their influence did not sway the election, no they didn’t, not alone anyway. Trump is a vile man, perhaps even a bit crazy, but if he is crazy, he’s crazy like a fox.

He and his party estimated, correctly, how many votes in how many states he needed to win the Electoral College. He took advantage of Clinton’s negative press coverage, He took advantage of the Republican’s claim that wide-spread voter fraud was in place. He didn’t win the popular vote, but he won just enough – barely enough – to sway the election in his favor. Imagine what a difference it would have made if minority voting was not suppressed, gerrymandering was not in place and the Russians minded their own business.

While everyone is pointing fingers at the Russians, and at Congress for seemingly not to care, the Republicans are preparing to lay the groundwork of their agenda, and a man who seems so incapable and vile is about to walk into the White House. He’s crazy all right, crazy like a fox.