The declassified report regarding Russia’s cyber-campaign against the US is said to have been on an unprecedented scale that sought to help elect Donald Trump.

As it began, according to information in the report, the Russians aim was to damage what they thought would be Hillary Clinton’s presidency. However, as Trump’s chances got better, Russia sought to help him defeat Clinton.

The 14-page report released to the public makes trumps claims that US intelligence agencies could not determine who the responsible parties were, look counterfeit. Literally, thousands of emails were taken from servers and delivered to WikiLeaks and placed into public view.

When Trump left the briefing today with the intelligence agency he was at least willing to admit there is a possibility of Russian cyber-activity against the US. He stopped short, however, of admitting it may have made a difference in the outcome of the election.

In a statement reported by the Washington Post, Trump said ‘while Russia, China and other countries and groups may have sought to break into Democratic and Republican computer systems, “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of he election.”’

Nevertheless, Trump and his administration will always be under a cloud of doubt and suspicion about whether he would have won the election if not for Russian tampering. The report indicated tallying machines were not involved, but Russia obtained and maintained access. So, it appears they are saying Russia could have done something regarding the vote count, but there may not be enough evidence to say for sure.

Republican lawmakers varied in their reactions to the report, from calling it a troubling event that should be dealt with appropriately, to criticism of the Obama Administration for not heeding earlier warnings.

It may be decades before all the evidence is brought into the light of the public’s eye, but there can be no doubt, according to intelligence agencies, of Russian meddling in US affairs, an in particular our democratic election process.