Two small business contractors, one with offices in Maryland and the other in Virginia, have filed mechanics liens against Donald Trump’s Washington Hotel claiming he had not paid them for work they completed on the building.

One family-owned plumbing firm claims Trump owes them $2.98 million for work they completed on the renovated post office in Washington, now known as Trump International DC Hotel.  Joseph J. Magnolia Inc. claims Trump owes them for plumbing, sewer, HVAC and water storm services they did over a two-year period from Sept. 2014 through Dec. 2016.

A Washington Post article cited John D. Magnolia, the company’s president, as saying the Trump family had paid for most of his work on the project and that he voted for Trump in November. But when the final money did not arrive and criticism grew over the president-elect’s continued ownership of the project as he prepares to enter office, Magnolia said he worried ownership would change before the bill was paid in full.

The other contractor, A&D Construction, alleges Trump owes them $79,700 for wall base and crown molding work they completed in Oct. 2016. Trump held a grand opening of the hotel a few weeks after completion of their work. Richard M Sissman, an attorney for A&D Construction, said requests for payment, even after the lien was filed had been ignored. A&D is a Hispanic company owned by Osvaldo Tellez.

The Old Post Office Pavilion, that was renovated into the hotel, is being leased by Trump’s organization from the Government’s General Services Administration. A clause in the lease states liens must be discharged fully within 30 of their filing. Trump has invested around $200 million in the historic building.

Magnolia said he thought the issue was just a matter of Trump being preoccupied with the business of the country, but nevertheless, he needed to be paid.