We shouldn’t have to be concerned about Donald Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, or who he chooses for his cabinet because this administration will not last that long. While many are hoping Electoral College will jump the Trump ship and open the door for his replacement, Trump’s real danger involves his business dealings.

Trump’s many conflicts of interest and his unwillingness to see the desperate need to resolve them will cost him the presidency. A Trump Administration would be constantly walking on the fringe of public corruption laws, as well as foreign corruption practices.

Trump prefers to do things his own way, refuses to cooperate with many current government agencies and has yet to sell off his assets or place them in a blind trust. His actions and in-actions will immediately trigger the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform into action.

Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the committee, said trump must show everything. A president must “open up your Kimono and show everything, your tax records, our medical records. You are just going to have to do that,” he said.

He said Trump is no different than those who came before him. “I can promise you,” Chaffetz said, “I don’t care who is in the White House. My job is not to be a cheerleader for the president. My job is to hold them accountable and provide oversight.”

In fact, some Democrats are already calling for an immediate congressional investigation into Trump’s holdings and finances, both in the House and the Senate.

President Obama invested in conflict free government bonds. George W. Bush separated himself from his part ownership in the Major-League Baseball team, the Texas Rangers. Jimmy Carter sold off his peanut farm, and Trump must act in the same manner as other presidents. He is no better than the rest, despite what he may think of himself.

Besides, Trump ran a campaign against “pay to play” politics. Yet pay to play seems to be exactly what Trump is doing, and on a very large scale.  It’s reported that Trump has about 111 companies engaged in business with at least 18 different countries – each one a conflict of interest.

Foreign governments have already been lining up for favors by booking blocks of rooms in his hotels, granting building permits that were they had been put on hold or denied before. So, Trump is already breaking the rules that our Constitution has set aside for the public service of the president. Trump’s vision of public service ideas will not sustain his presidency because he seems to think the public should serve him, not the other away around.

Trump or direct family members are currently doing business, or plans to do business with countries like Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia Azerbaijan and others. These business dealings open the door to pay for play between the players involved, at a cost to the American people.15540646_548698428661787_3852308238445468931_o

In addition to his assets in other countries, Trump’s liabilities open him up to questions of foreign interference through decisions his administration will make in the future. He Owes Deutshe Bank $300 million and $2 billion accrued through real estate partnerships; part of that debt is owed to the Bank of China.

President Elect Trump must release himself from this many conflicts of interests, just as presidents before him have done. He cannot be Trump the business man and Trump the President of the United States of America at the same time. Fortunately, checks and balances in our Constitution will not allow it.

Trump may eclipse William Henry Harrison for the shortest term of a US President. Harrison died in office on his 32nd day due to complications stemming from pneumonia.

James Ray Owens

Editor, Political Nation