Myths Trumped: 1
Polls and pundits have been analyzing the Trump voter response to the president-elect’s actions since winning the election. In that analysis, Trump voters saw both Clintons as corrupt and lining their own pockets. The prevailing theory amongst Trump voters is that since he is already a billionaire, he is not corruptible. And so, the issue of conflict of interest has actually been listed as a positive in a Trump presidency, because it reflects his incorruptibility.

This wishful thinking ignores Trump’s history as an unprincipled scam artist who built his empire on defrauding his workers, investors, and contractors. There is every reason to suppose that his lack of personal principles will result in abuse of his power towards his own enrichment. His name is his product, and his empire’s assets are emblazoned with his name. It makes no difference whether his family runs it or not. Foreign governments are already using his empire as a way of influencing government policy. They know to stay in Trump holdings. They know his children run his empire.

Almost every billionaire’s highest priority is the making of money. They are obsessive about it. They are almost never concerned with the good of mankind, a rare exception being Bill Gates in his later years. Trump packing his cabinet and advisors with billionaires is setting the foxes over the henhouse. Are they corruptible? Probably not in the sense that the normal politician is. They have no desire but the further accumulation of wealth. They don’t have principles that can be violated, so corruption is an irrelevant term to them.

Trump and his cabinet are set to be orders of magnitude worse for America than “business as usual”. We’ve just become a kleptocracy, like many third world countries. Our only hope is that investigative journalism isn’t dead, and isn’t afraid to publish.

William Casperson
Political Nation