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The new Old America that the GOP wants

As civil liberties are cut, and the social safety net is gutted, Americans’ only hope is to try and continue to stall GOP actions until the 2018 elections.


Kneeling or standing, take your protests lying down

We can’t let ourselves be distracted from the real issues. Intolerantly screaming about the intolerant rhetoric of others is only providing them with ammunition with which to fire back. If Donald Trump said on national television that he was ashamed of my behavior, I’d feel I was doing something right. I don’t need or want his approval. 

Red State Realities

Why red states voted for Trump: Not enough job growth, wages have stayed stagnant, real buying power has gone down Washington is totally corrupt – drain the swamp The “elites” look down on us – change to “people like us” Why a vote for Trump and the Republican Party is useless to achieve these goals:

West Virginia, You Sold My Soul

West Virginia, You Sold My Soul By DWM Media Sitting here chatting on Facebook for the first time in a long time since the election, the feeling of my losing my soul arises more so lost now than ever before.... Continue Reading →

Trump believes mining minerals in Afghanistan are worth the loss of American lives

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been asked by the Trump Administration to look carefully into the idea of claiming untapped mineral resources in Afghanistan, not to help Afghanistan, but to help those who might invest in such a thing in... Continue Reading →

Democracy will survive despite government-sponsored the hate.

The past year has ushered in a sense of urgency for our democracy, and it's also shown us, both how important it is and how fragile it is. We are learning about what we have taken for granted, what soldiers... Continue Reading →

Fire and fury such as the world has never seen

Trump should suffer permanent loss of credibility for these actions. The only thing that is worse than the loss of US credibility for failure to act is the catastrophe that would result from acting.

Fox News Got the Mileage Needed From their Seth Rich Story before Retracting

A FOX NEWS STORY HAS BEEN RETRACTED after its fairy tale propaganda was proven to be anything but accurate – no surprise considering their lack of editorial scrutiny. Their story centered around Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, who... Continue Reading →

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